Risk Assessment

To comply with the law you must have a current, suitable and sufficient legionella risk assessment in place. You must be able to understand what is written in the assessment and how to apply the recommendations/guidance therein. As well as providing full risk assessment services for a wide range of simple and complex water systems, we can provide practical advice on managing, controlling and reducing the risk. We can assist with written scheme production and produce water system schematic CAD drawings. Assessments areĀ carried out in accordance with ACoP L8, HSG274, BS8580 and HTM04-01, as required.

Over the years we have developed a risk assessment document that we believe is both robust and fully inclusive of all aspects as defined in the ACOP, technical guidance and British Standards. Your report can be tailored to your specific requirements in terms of layout.

Legionella Risk Assessment/review

Legionella risk assessments should be reviewed regularly and specifically when the risk is deemed to have changed. We can provide practical advice on how to apply the guidance regarding how and when you should review your legionella risk assessment.

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Risk Assessment

We have developed a pseudomonas risk assessment to be compliant with the guidance laid out in HTM04-01 addendum. Pseudomonas risk assessment is a significantly different process to legionella risk assessment and we can provide support to the Water Safety Groups in identifying and then managing risks present.

Schematic drawing/CAD

We use a powerful CAD software that enables us to produce both simple and complex drawings depending on your requirements. CAD drawings can be supplied in commonly used file formats (such as AutoCAD).